Gordon Aitcheson

Gordon Aitcheson Scots born artist  Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh Springer salmon bronze sculpture


Born in 1951 on Clydeside in Scotland where he grew up and was educated, graduating from the University of Strathclyde in 1973 with a degree in Mathematics. Now lives and works in Wiltshire, England.

Has been a full time sculptor since 1993. His work, primarily female figurative, in stone and bronze, has found favour with private collectors throughout the UK, Europe and the US.





" I am by instinct a carver. I enjoy the process of discovery, almost peeling back the stone to reveal the secrets contained within, a bit like archaeology. I work slowly, getting to know the stone, its characteristics and possibilities "


Gordon Aitcheson: carving tools
Gordon Aitcheson sculpture Half forgotten smile bronze female figure mouth face smile fragment


" Bronze offers a further dimension to my work. The variety of colours, from vibrant greens to autumnal browns, possible in the patination process allow me to suggest a sense of mood, according to the demands of the piece. And the highly-polished surfaces add to the sensuality, a major element of my work."



" Sculpture for me is as much a tactile experience as a visual one, and the contrast of textures in my work is intended to draw the viewer in and also invite physical engagement. "


Gordon Aitcheson: rough & smooth textures
Gordon Aitcheson sculptor: preliminary Primavera sketch

"Drawing is where the creative process begins. From rough sketches on scraps pasted into sketch books, such as the preliminary sketch for Primavera shown on the left, to large studies from life and measured profile drawings inscribed onto a block of stone, much of the thinking goes on here"



"Sometimes the drawings inform and inspire the sculpture. Sometimes it is vice versa and I find myself creating imaginary spaces for my sculptural figures. I work with oil and chalk pastels to create these more fully resolved works. Technically classified as paintings, for me these are drawings, created with sticks of pigment."


Gordon Aitcheson: oil and chalk pastels